Useful things to know
Useful things to know

Useful things to know

Important information

  • For just bed & breakfast we reimburse: € 14.00 per person/day
  • Dogs € 10.00 per day without food provision (not permitted in the dining hall, hotel lounge, swimming pool and fitness & well-being facility)
  • Garage € 10.00 per day
  • Solarium € 5.00 (with facial tanners on both sides)
  • Internet & WLAN: You can surf the World Wide Web with our WLAN network in the reception area.
  • Visitors' tax: currently € 2.00 per person/day (subject to change)
  • Advance payment: to proceed with securing your booking, we ask that you send us an advance payment in the amount of € 200.00 via bank transfer (exempt from charges).
  • Arrivals and departures preferably scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays. Your room will be ready for occupancy from 3 p.m. onwards on the day you arrive. Earlier arrivals can be discussed. On the day you leave, the room is yours until 11 a.m. In the event that you will be arriving after 6 p.m. we ask that you notify us of this.
  • Unfortunately we are not in a position to confirm a specific room number or floor, however we are happy to take your wishes into account.
  • Breathe in smoke-free: for the welfare of our guests, our rooms and apartments are non-smoking areas. You are welcome to smoke on the balcony or the terrace.
  • Parking spaces are available for you to use free of charge / parking garage available for a fee
  • When a new price list appears, the old one will no longer be valid!

Cancellations, late arrivals / early departures:

No cancellation charges up to one month prior to the start of your holiday. In the event of a cancellation within a month of arriving, we reserve the right to refer to the general terms and conditions for the hotel industry 2006 (AGBH 2006) pertaining to cancellation conditions. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. This will cover all cancellation charges in the event of an accident, illness or fatality of the one insured, his/her children, siblings, parents and grandparents before your holiday starts or during your stay. Jurisdiction: Silz/Imst

Bank details

Raiffeisen Bank Mieming Plateau
Obsteig branch
Account number: 127.118 / Sort code: 36276
IBAN: AT59 3627 6000 0012 7118

Kinder im "Bergland"

Kinderspielplatz in der Nähe


  • Babyphone
  • Gitterbett
  • Kinderhochstühle
  • Kinderspielplatz (-wiese)
  • Malsets
  • Tischtennis
  • Großzügige Ermäßigung!

(inklusive Verwöhn-Dich-Tages Pension) Gut geeignete Kategorien A, C, E (Zustellbett, Couchbett, Kinderbett)

Unterbringung im Elternzimmer
pro Kind und Tag (HP):

  • Kinder bis inkl. 5. Lebensjahr: € 30,-
  • Kinder von 6 bis 10 Jahre: € 45,–
  • Kinder von 11 bis 14 Jahre: € 60,–

Kinder im eigenen Zimmer auf Anfrage!