Winter walking & snow stomping
Winter walking & snow stomping

Winter walking & snow stomping

Winter walking on the Mieming Plateau

Discover the wintertide and move in step with nature. Follow the tracks of winter through the deeply snow-covered woods or venture over the rambling plateau on a romantic carriage ride. Abandon yourself to the beauty of our snow-covered countryside.

The idyll of the white mountains, the snow-capped woods and the crystal-clear lakes, sitting on one of the most beautiful elevated plains in the heart of Tyrol. Be the first to leave your tracks in the fresh snow. Take a walk along our glorious winter hiking trails and enjoy the silence of the deeply snow-covered scenery as you go.

Snow stomping

The saying goes: the journey is the destination. Explore the stunning winter landscape of the Mieming Plateau across country on snowshoes at a leisurely pace. Snow stomping is a wonderful alternative for revelling in the winter and is gaining more and more followers. Feeling at home means being deeply rooted to the tradition, the customs and the simple life. From this a special cultural feel arises that you can experience at countless events throughout the year.

Delight in the captivating winter idyll…

Guided walking tours

The best way to find the prettiest spots in winter is with the help of qualified assistants and hiking guides. In conjunction with the tourist office, the Bergland Hotel & Country House is always organising more guided torchlight hikes, winter walks and snowshoe hiking tours, to bring you closer to captivating winter idyll. Snowshoes are of course available to hire from us.